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cyberspacejunk man from cyberspacejunk.com Well at one time I use to have a classifieds program on this site ... unfortunately I had to let it go.  I will eventually direct you to some of the best classified sites in your area.  I do have some of the best content writers and articles now on staff (but they work for free).

We are hoping to get a few more content writers and if we are lucky we might be able to entice Tina  to come and join our team 
Moosie from Moosegal.com (toonie) Hi, I'm the gal from moosegal.com.  I love nature and hate seeing its destruction, however there is a double edge sword to life.  I write articles about movies, actors, musicians, helpful articles, how to articles, money savers, and so much more.  Moosies article list 
Old Millie from bluehairdiaries.com I am just an opinionated old broad that loves to dance.  I have opinions on just about everything and life experience to back me up.  I can even tell you about dentures, dentures missing in hospitals, why important it is to maintain your right to sue, what to expect when you approach a litigation lawyer and how I would do it, and I can even mention a few comments about relationships and why I wouldn't recommend shacking up with anyone.  I have opinions on just about everything and my opinions do count , after all I am old.  

An interesting article on hypertension and ARB medication

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